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    Badrinath National Highway Shut Near Chhinka Due To Boulders Falling From Hill

    Boulders Falling From Hill
    Inam Ansari
    July7/ 2023

    Chamoli: The Badrinath national highway near Chhinka in Uttarakhand is blocked due to boulders falling from the hill on Friday morning, Chamoli police said. Chamoli police Uttarakhand tweeted, "The road has been blocked near Chhinka on the Badrinath National Highway." The Badrinath National Highway (NH-7) was previously also shut down due to incessant rainfall in Uttarakhand's Chamoli at Lambagad and Khachada drains. Amid the closure of the national highway, commuters were stuck. Later on Saturday, vehicle movement on the highway had to be restricted again due to a rise in the water level in the Khachdu drain near Uttarakhand's Lambagad. Authorities closed the Badrinath National Highway 7 (NH 7) at Chhinka in the State's Chamoli district leaving many commuters, including pilgrims and tourists travelling to and returning from the famed Badrinath shrine. Last week on Thursday, heavy rains triggered landslides and flash floods in Uttarakhand at the same place and blocked Badrinath National Highway. A stretch of 100 meters of the highway was blocked due to a heavy landslide from a hill near Chhinka on Thursday morning due to rain. ...

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