Youth cardiac arrests rise due to stress, junk food, and pollution: Dr. Naresh Trehan

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    January20/ 2024
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    Renowned Surgeon Dr. Naresh Trehan Sounds Alarm on Rising Cardiac Arrests Among Youth. Modern Lifestyles, Stress, and Pollution Identified as Culprits. Medanta Hospital's Proactive Approach to Predictive Medicine for Health Protection.

    Dr Naresh Trehan

    New Delhi: There has been a concerning shift, in the occurrence of arrests, which were previously believed to affect older individuals. Now there is a growing trend of people experiencing these heart related emergencies. The rise in heart diseases is a contributor to mortality rates and India is particularly affected by this issue. Leading health experts attribute this increase to the pressures of day living and subtle changes in lifestyle.

    Dr. Naresh Trehan, a cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon shed light on the complex reasons behind the surge in cardiac events among young people. During an interview with ANI Dr. Trehan emphasized that stress, eating habits and pollution play roles in contributing to the rise of heart related problems.

    "India is known as the epicenter of artery disease. The modern lifestyle we lead comes with challenges like avoiding food with excessive sodium content. These challenges are factors contributing to arrests among individuals. The stress we face every day and the detrimental effects of pollution are negatively impacting our health " explained Dr. Trehan, who also holds positions as chairman and managing director at Medanta Medicity.

    Furthermore Dr. Trehan highlighted factors that are particularly concerning such as air quality and increasing pollution levels, in the national capital city.
    He highlighted the increased health dangers faced by people living in areas, with air quality, which can lead to a prevalence of high blood pressure and lung diseases. These conditions in turn raise the risk of heart related illnesses.

    "In todays world we are grappling with factors that contribute to heart disease among younger individuals. The rising number of events among people is a matter that deeply concerns us " said Dr. Trehan.

    When discussing measures Dr. Trehan outlined the initiatives taken by Medanta Hospital to combat heart related diseases. He explained how the hospital focuses on medicine to anticipate and mitigate the risks associated with the growing rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

    "At Medanta we are heavily involved in predictive medicine. We provide guidance to our patients regarding risk factors, possibilities and lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress levels. Our aim is to shield individuals from falling prey to illnesses " emphasized Dr. Trehan.

    The increase in arrests among people highlights the pressing need, for comprehensive lifestyle changes and proactive healthcare strategies to tackle this alarming trend.
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