WHO team visits Bihar to find out about mysterious disease

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    November22/ 2023
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    WHO Investigates Mysterious Disease in Gaya, Bihar: Over 300 Affected by 'Langda Fever'; Health Crisis Raises Concerns and Prompts Urgent Research.

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    Patna: A team of World Health Organisation (WHO) on Wednesday visited Gaya city in Bihar to check about the mysterious disease in the area.

    More than 300 people of Patwa Toli village in Gaya have fallen sick in the last few weeks while doctors have failed to detect the nature of disease.

    The people have claimed that the patients are suffering from fever and joint-pain, which remains for a long time. The locals have named the disease as “Langda fever” as the patients do recover from fever but are not able to walk properly due to the pain in joints.

    A medical team under Dr Ranjan Kumar Singh has also been formed to keep an eye on the disease however they have failed to come up with any medication so far.

    The WHO team is trying to find out the virus of the disease which mixes with the blood of the patients.

    The doctors in the area have said that the symptom of the disease is similar to dengue and chikungunya and the blood samples of the patients have been taken and sent to the laboratory in Patna for CBC test.

    “After the test, the nature of disease will be ascertained,” the doctors have said.