Vikram lander observes temperature variation on lunar surface, records high of 70 degree Celsius

    Nidhi Khurana
    August27/ 2023
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    Bengaluru: On Sunday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) issued a graph depicting the range of lunar surface temperatures, and a top scientist at ISRO remarked on his or her amazement at the high readings.

    The Chandra lander's Surface Thermophysical Experiment (ChaSTE) assessed the temperature profile of the lunar topsoil near the pole, according to India's space agency. This data will help scientists better understand the Moon's thermal behaviour.

    The ChaSTE instrument on board the Vikram Lander has made its initial observations. An update from ISRO on the social media site 'X' explains that the ChaSTE (Chandra's Surface Thermophysical Experiment) is measuring the temperature profile of the lunar topsoil around the pole to learn more about the thermal behaviour of the moon's surface.—Inputs from Agenciie