TN: Following a downpour, water from the Gunderipallam dam released, causing a flood alert in Erode

    The Hawk
    November29/ 2022
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    Chennai (The Hawk): Following two days of intense rain in the Tamil Nadu district and the release of water from the Gundripallam dam, a flood alert has been issued for Erode.

    1,492 cusecs of water were released from the dam on Monday. Due to the discharge of water from the dam, the water resources department has advised communities to avoid the banks of rivers and streams where the water level would rise.

    The district in the Erode district received 358.12 mm of rain that day, according to the Meteorological Department, as torrential downpours pounded Sathyamangalam, Gobichettipalayam, Gunderipallam, and Ammapet. This caused the water levels in rivers and streams to rise.

    (Inputs from Agencies)