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    TN electricity utility prepares for the next monsoon

    The Hawk
    October12/ 2022

    Chennai (The Hawk): The Generation and Distribution Company of Tamil Nadu (NS:TNNP) (Tangedco) is prepared for the arrival of the northeast monsoon in the state during the last week of October.

    In spite of the fact that the Public Works Department has yet to finish the stormwater drain works in several regions of the state, the Tangedco has prepared for the monsoon.

    In a statement released on Wednesday, Electricity State Minister Senthil Balaji said that in preparation for the northeast monsoon season, Tangedco has already deployed maintenance and repair teams to all districts.

    The minister has announced that the department's central consumer cell, known as "Minnagam," will be open around the clock. During the northeast monsoon, he said, consumers can phone this number to report any problems they're having with Tangedco's service, and that the company's personnel have been instructed to keep the lights on at all times.

    The minister claims that the power company is well-prepared for the northeast monsoon with a stockpile of 14,442 transformers, 1,509,322 electric poles, and 12,759 kilometres of lines. In addition, the division has replaced 39,616 broken electric poles and 31,197 dead poles.

    The minister claims that during the monsoon season, the number of calls that can be received at the Minnagam contact centre will grow to 75 from the current 60.

    Regarding the underground cable work, Tangedco has already begun cooperating with the Public Works department. In five different areas of Chennai, the electricity company is working alongside the public works department to install underground cables.

    (Inputs from Agencies)