Three Lankans, including ex-army captain, fighting for Ukraine killed

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    December7/ 2023
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    "Three Sri Lankans, including a retired Army officer, met a tragic end while fighting in Ukraine against Russian forces. The Sri Lankan Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, confirmed the deaths and identified the fallen soldier, Sylvester Andrew Ranish Hewage, known as Captain Dentist.

    Representative Image Of Ukrainian-Russian War

    Colombo: Three Sri Lankans, including a retired Army officer, fighting for Ukrainian have been killed in Russian attacks, diplomatic sources revealed.

    Sri Lankan Embassy at Ankara in Turkey announced the deaths of three Sri Lankansm who were fighting along with Ukrainian forces against Russia.

    Ex-Sri Lankan military officer Sylvester Andrew Ranish Hewage had joined as a volunteer Ukrainian soldier had succumbed to a Russian artillery attack on December 4. The Embassy official confirmed that Ranish, known as, Captain Dentist, had been a Commander attached to First Special Force of the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine and he was a registered military professional in Ukraine.

    International Volunteers of Ukraine too had confirmed the death of Captain Ranish on the battlefield and stated that a memorial is to be built in memory of the ex-Sri Lankan soldier.

    Speaking on ex-military serving in forces in Ukraine, Sri Lanka Army Spokesman and Director Media, Brigadier Ravi Herath told IANS, that neither Sri Lanka nor the army has any connection with regard to former military officers fighting for other countries.

    "They are mercenaries and we have nothing to do with them," Brigadier Herath said, adding that "Russia too understands this."

    The Army spokesman said that no ex -military men are encouraged to serve for any other country except in cases of UN Peace Keeping forces and other legal military service.

    Meanwhile, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has arrived in Sri Lanka on a Russian- Lankan security consultations. Patrushev came to Colombo on Wednesday after having discussion about the Asia Pacific Regions with Myanmar's Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister.

    According to the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry sources, Ranish Hewage had served Sri Lanka Light Infantry for 12 years and legally leaving the Sri Lanka Army in September 2022, as a lieutenant.

    Later, he had joined a technology company in Dubai. Ranish’s mother, brother and the sister too live in Ukraine, the Embassy officials confirmed.