Tamil Nadu: Bear, leopard spotted in residential area of Nilgiris

    The Hawk
    April6/ 2024
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    Bear and Leopard Spotted Roaming, Villagers Demand Action. Forest Department Urged to Secure Area Amidst Rising Concerns.

    Bear and a leopard spotted in residential area of Nilgiris

    Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu): Fear gripped residents in the Yelenahalli town of Ooty after a bear and a leopard strayed into the residential area of the city in the early hours of Saturday.
    The CCTV footage of the residential area shows the leopard and bear straying into the premises.

    After the development, villagers have demanded that the forest department officials track the animals and cage them.

    The hill district of the Nilgiris has 65 per cent of forest area, populated with many wild animals including elephants, tigers, leopards, bears, and bison.
    Poultry farms in and around these localities attract leopards in nearby forests who venture into the residential areas and also hunt the dogs and goats of the village.

    Footage of the wild animals has created fear amongst the villagers who are now afraid to come out of their homes in the evenings.