Siwet gets attacked as Rhea, Bhoomika, Neerja call him transphobic

    Sunil Aswal
    September8/ 2023
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    Mumbai: Siwet, who is a member of Prince Narula Gang is now getting the heat from Rhea Chakraborty’s Gang, as her members Bhoomika, and Neerja, and later Rhea herself chide him for his alleged ‘homophobic’, ‘sexist’ and ‘transphobic’ remarks.

    The whole scenario started when Bhoomika began complaining to the other Gang Leaders and Sonu Sood, that Siwet is a sexist, due to him telling her ‘Tu makeup ke bina acchi lagti.’

    Though, Siwet on his part denied this simply stating: “Maine sirf itna kaha tha, ki tu ek din pheekee si lag rahee thee bina makeup ke, I never said that you don’t look good without make up in general, so how is that sexist?”

    She further said, “Siwet is also homophobic, as he had told me that if a gay person came up in front of him, he would walk out.”

    To this, out of annoyance, Siwet slamming his head said “Haan, mein hoon homophobic, because I don’t want a guy to start getting all romantic with me. Mujhe aadmiyon se waisa pyar nahin hai. Bas? Khush ab?”

    However, this only angers Bhoomika who then said “He is also a huge transphobic as he told me he doesn’t even consider Neerja, a woman.”

    To this statement, while Neerja nodded her head, Siwet agreed and said “Yes, I don’t consider Neerja a woman, main usse aurat nahin manta, lekin mujhe usse ghin thodi aati hai? How is that transphobic?”

    Neerja then added: “Abe, tere samne ek kinnar hai jo khudko aurat keheti hai, lekin agar tu ye mana kar raha hai, then how’s it not transphobic? Transphobic ka matlab pata bhi hai tujhe?”

    Siwet again said, “I don’t think you are a woman, you are a transgender, that is it. I just told you, that you are what you are.”

    Rhea also got angry and chided him, saying, “If you tell a trans person in front of you, that I don’ consider you a woman when she herself says that I am one, then that is transphobic.”

    Siwet again went on to disagree, stating that he isn’t afraid of transgenders or repulsed by them, he simply does not identify her as a woman because her sexuality is that of a trans.

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