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    Soumitra Bose
    April5/ 2024
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    Shhhh...Hush...Be Pin Drop Silent...Down Below The Water, Watch Out...ThereUnder Could Be Dragon / Shark / Dolphin adroitly trained to jump out of the water to grab from you your stealthily packed names of your "all types of shady, surreptitious, stealthy" electoral bonds donors, if exposed in any wax will "zero" your, the party's all round credibility, credulousness for all times to come...What then, Huh?!? Ever thought about that? Apparently, no, I presume, You being omnipotent, thus, omniscient...But that doesn't in any way help you escape the wrath of the top powers that are the moment they come to know of the names of the "shady" donors of electoral bonds given to you, gotcha? Your credibility then vis-a-vis your "honesty-posing" will not crumble but shatter like nine pins in the quickest ever jiffy, getcha? Thus, be cautious, forewarned, tactful now itself leaving no trace of racketeering electoral bonds that any way if all are "ultra damaging, booby trap for you, for your destruction, annihilation...Don't fall in that trap". Thus, Shhh...Hush.