Seven miners killed in coal mine accident in China's underground warehouse

    The Hawk
    March15/ 2024
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    The collapse occurred in an underground warehouse, severely hampering rescue efforts and highlighting ongoing concerns about mine safety in the region.

    Representative image of coal mine

    Beijing: All the seven miners who were trapped since Monday in an underground warehouse of a coal mine in north China's Shanxi Province were confirmed dead, local authorities said Friday.

    The coal pile in the warehouse collapsed at midnight on Monday when miners were repairing a coal feeder, burying seven people, said Gao Naichun, head of the mine.

    The last body was retrieved on Friday morning, marking the end of the rescue mission at the coal mine of the Taoyuan Xinlong coal industrial corporation in Zhongyang County, according to the county government.

    The collapsed coal broke the water pipes under the warehouse and led to water outbursts, which hampered the rescue efforts, Gao said.

    Further investigation is underway, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    Coal mine accidents in China which has a high energy demand around the year are common causing a large number of casualties to the miners as they mostly operate in poor security conditions.