Sandhya Mridul says Jodha in 'Taj' is a mark of strength

    May16/ 2023


    Mumbai: Actress Sandhya Mridul, who is receiving a lot of positive response for the second season of 'Taj: Divided by Blood', has shared that her character in the show is a testimony of compassion and strength.

    Talking about how the character progresses in the show, the actress said, "You see Jodha supports Salim as he attempts to return from exile. That is when you see how truly self-less, compassionate, and strong a mother she is when it comes to supporting and backing Salim. She doesn't waver for a bit".

    She further mentioned, "She may be soft otherwise but when it comes to Salim and his journey, Jodha is his pillar. Additionally, she is not just his pillar she is someone he can trust totally in this bloody battle".

    'Taj: Divided by Blood' is available to stream on ZEE5. IANS