Russian descent vehicle lands in Kazakhstan with three astronauts

    The Hawk
    April6/ 2024
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    A significant achievement in space exploration as astronauts from Russia, Belarus, and the USA make a triumphant return to Earth, landing safely in Kazakhstan.

    ISS crew member

    Moscow: A Russian descent vehicle landed safely in Kazakhstan on Saturday, returning from the International Space station with astronauts from Russia, Belarus and the United States, live footage broadcast by Russia's Roscosmos space agency showed.

    Russian Oleg Novitsky and Belarusian Marina Vasilevskaya departed for the ISS last month on a Soyuz spacecraft. They returned to Earth on Saturday along with U.S. astronaut Loral O'Hara, who had been aboard the orbital station since September.

    Footage showed the three astronauts being pulled from the space capsule and smiling for the cameras.