Russian aggression in Ukraine shaking foundation of cooperation at G20: Japan PM

    The Hawk
    September10/ 2023
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    New Delhi: A day after the G20 Summit adopted the Delhi Declaration, which doesn’t mention Russia and in a major departure from last year’s Bali Declaration, describes the Ukraine crisis as “war in Ukraine”, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Sunday said that Russia’s aggression is shaking the foundation of cooperation at the grouping.”Today as the world faces compound crisis, collaboration at the G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation is becoming increasingly important. Russia’s aggression on Ukraine is shaking the very foundation of cooperation at the G20. It could shake the basis of cooperation at the G20, further it is causing an enormous impact to the world economy,” Kishida said.

    The Japanese prime minister added that throughout the G20 Summit meetings, his country called for immediate withdrawal of troops and durable peace in Ukraine.

    “On Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, throughout the meetings, Japan had pressed for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops. The realisation of just and durable peace in Ukraine. We underscored our position that Russia’s nuclear threat let alone its use of nuclear weapons is absolutely unacceptable. I also highlighted the importance of assistance from the global community to vulnerable populations under conflict,” Kishida said.

    At the same time he praised India’s G20 presidency, saying that “Under the leadership of India as this year’s chair, we were able to agree on the G20 Leaders’ declaration which is a truly meaningful achievement. Japan has been engaged in the negotiations with the intent to pass on the outcome of the G7 to the G20 and we were able to hand over to the G20 points that were confirmed at the Hiroshima Summit. I look forward to working with other leaders to follow up on the outcomes delivered by the G7 and G20”.

    Kishida further added that “Over the course of the past five days, I attended ASEAN-related summits in Jakarta and the G20 New Delhi summit. First and foremost, I extend my deep respect and appreciation to President Joko of Indonesia and Prime Minister Modi of India for exercising outstanding leadership as chairs of the summits and to the members of both governments.”