"For vote jihad, Congress transferring part of your property to its vote bank": PM Modi

    The Hawk
    May17/ 2024
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    At a rally in Hamirpur, UP, PM Modi highlighted Congress's plan to redistribute property and reduce reservations for Dalits and backward classes in favor of Muslims.

    PM Modi

    Hamirpur (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi sharpened his attack against the Congress party, Samajwadi Party and the opposition coalition, INDI alliance, over appeasement politics and said that Congress intends to change the Constitution by transferring your property to their vote bank that is engaged in vote jihad for them."
    Addressing an election rally in Uttar Pradesh's Hamirpur on Friday, PM Modi said, "This time, the SP-Congress has made their intentions clear even before the elections. Congress is saying that it will investigate everyone's property. Then they will give a part of your property to the vote bank that does vote jihad for them."
    "Where there is Congress government, these people are reducing the reservation of Dalits and backward classes and giving it to Muslims. Now these people want to change the Constitution and give the entire reservation of SC-ST-OBC to Muslims," he added.
    Highlighting the recently inaugurated defence corridor construction at Bundelkhand, the Prime Minister said that the initiative will facilitate more employment in the region. PM Modi further alleged that the Congress is trying to spoil the achievements made by the BJP government.
    "They say that Pakistan has a nuclear bomb, but those giving these threats do not know that it does not even have the money to maintain it. They say they have missiles. The defence corridor we are building in Bundelkhand is not for making firecrackers but for making missiles. The BJP government is building two defence corridors in the country. Our effort is that the youth do not have to leave Bundelkhand. Our resolve is that Bundelkhand should become the centre of industry and employment," he said.
    "Congress is saying that they will bring back Article 370 in Kashmir again. These days Congress is threatening that be afraid of Pakistan, it has the atom bomb. I want to tell the Congress that they should come to this land of Bundelkhand and see what bravery is. Modi removed 370 from Kashmir, gave a befitting reply to Pakistan, for the self-respect of the country, Modi fought with the big powers of the world. But Congress is talking about spoiling it," he added.
    Earlier in the day, addressing a mega public meeting at UP's Barabanki, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress party and Samajwadi Party said they would run a bulldozer over the Ram Temple in Ayodhya if elected in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.
    "If the Congress, SP and their INDIA partners come to power, our Ram Lalla would have to return to the tent again as they would run a bulldozer over the Ram Mandir. They should take lessons from Yogi-ji (Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath) on where to run bulldozers and where not to," PM Modi said.