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    Result time: Who would become India’s next PM? Will NDA to form next government?

    Vivek Shukla
    May21/ 2024
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    As the fifth round of polling for the Lok Sabha poll 2024 concluded on May 20, anticipation builds with only two rounds left. The final round on June 2 will determine India's next prime minister and the dominant political party, with results announced on June 4.

    PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi

    As the fifth round of polling for the Lok Sabha poll 2024 took place on last May 20 in various parts of the country, now only two rounds of polling are left. After the final round of polling on June 2, the nation would know who would become the prime minister of India, which political party would emerge as the single largest party and whether NDA or INDIA block to get more seats on June 4. That is the day when results of the Lok Sabha poll would be announced.

    Of course, people would also be interested to know the results of key seats across the country. When we talk about key seats, we refer to those constituencies where big leaders are in the fray. For instance, seats like Varanasi ( Narendra Modi), Rai Bareilly, ( Rahul Gandhi), Amethi ( Smriti Irani), New Delhi ( Bansuri Swaraj), Lucknow ( Rajnath Singh), Nagpur ( Nitin Gadkari). Unquestionably, they are among the most VIP seats.

    As now everyone is forecasting about the possible results of the Lok Sabha poll, Mumbai based acclaimed astrologer, columnist and author Dr. J.P. Trikha has also done deep research on the basis of astrology to find which party is emerging as the single largest party. Says J.P. Trikha - “ My astrological research clearly says that BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to win the largest number of seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha election. There should not be any debate on this matter. Therefore, the president of India would invite Mr Modi to form the government for the third time in a row.”

    According to Dr. J.P. Trikha, “ The moon sign of Mr Narendra Modi is Scorpion. He was born on 17 September, 1950. He is sub-ruled by Mars. Those who are Scorpion are very intelligent and astute people with qualities to lead from the front. They are the born leaders. Modi ji has proved it time and again.” Interestingly Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden is also Scorpion. Scorpio leaders are often characterized by their determination and intensity. They are known for their assertive and strategic leadership style.

    Scorpios are known for being passionate, determined, and resourceful. Scorpios are good at handling crises and overcoming challenges.

    Is June 4, 2024 is an ideal date for the BJP in terms of astrology? Will it bring cheers in the faces of all those who are connected with the party? Says Dr. J.P. Trikha, “ My study says that the horoscope for June 4, 2024 would be favourable to anybody who is either holding key position in his/her office. I, however, do not see landslide victory for the NDA. I do not think BJP alone or NDA would get 400 plus seats. Further, once new government would take over, it would face plethora of issues to handle. It would not be the cakewalk for the new government. ”

    Will Modi remain prime minister of the country till 2029 or quit his post after reaching the age of 75 years? Recently, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had created a political storm when he claimed that Modi ji would leave his post once he reaches the age of 75 years? Dr. Trikha, who also writes as Pandit J.P. Trikha claims that he does not see Modi leaving the coveted post before 2029. It may be recalled that Jawaharlal Nehru remained prime minister for little less than 17 years and Indira Gandhi remained prime minister for 15 years and 11 months. If Modi is looking forward to surpass Nehru's record, he needs to remain in office till June 2031.

    Meanwhile, astrologers are getting so many queries related to general elections results from candidates to their supporters. It is said that during the Lok Sabha election time, astrologers work overtime to answer the queries of people. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was perhaps the first big time leader to seek the advice of astrologers. Mrs Gandhi was widely believed to consult astrologers before making any major move. It is said that once she delayed her swearing-in as prime minister to a day that her astrologer called auspicious. According to noted writer Rashid Kidwai, “ A firm believer in astrology, PV Narashmia Rao used to say his ‘janam patri’ (astrological birth chart) had a roller coaster ride essayed for him. There was a great deal of truth in his belief.”

    In 1991, Rao had packed bags and was shifting to his birthplace Warangal when destiny signalled that it had something more in store for him. On May 21, 1991, the news of Rajiv Gandhi’s gruesome assassination at Sriperumbudur stunned everyone and caused a huge void in the political arena. After the death of Rajiv Gandhi, Rao became the prime minister of India.

    Meanwhile, a Delhi based BJP leader says that he declined the party ticket for the last Delhi assembly poll after he was told by his astrologer after doing lot of research of his Janampatri that he should better declined the party ticket. If he fights the poll, he would be defeated. He obeys the advice of his astrologer.

    Meanwhile, a big Real- estate company Chairman says that he starts his projects after consulting his astrologer. Once he gives him the nod, he moves forward. " I am surprised that people from even far-flung areas are calling me to discuss the fate of parties and leaders in respect of Lok Sabha poll. It's like flood of queries. I am sure I would get queries till June 3," said Dr. Trikha.

    Meanwhile, India is perhaps the only country where apart from pollsters, journalists, political experts and common men make predictions for the poll. The predications of astrologers are considered very important. India cannot live without astrological predications.

    For a while, let us talk about America.According to a report published in www.scientificamerican.com, as many as 70 million Americans read their horoscopes daily. This is a huge number. According to a study done the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, 25 percent of Americans believed that the positions of the stars and the planets affect our daily lives. The General Social Survey found that 34 percent of Americans surveyed consider astrology to be "very" or "sort of scientific" and also reported a decrease—from two-thirds to around one-half—in the fraction of people who consider astrology "not at all scientific." That’s mind-boggling. As results for the Lok Sabha poll would be declared soon, will astrologers like Dr Trikha would also make any predication for the American presidential poll schedule to take place in the month of November ?