Pakistan accuses 'Indian agents' of killing two of its citizens on its soil

    The Hawk
    January25/ 2024
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    Pakistan presents 'credible evidence' linking Indian agents to the assassinations of two citizens on Pakistani soil. Foreign Secretary Qazi describes the cases as 'killings-for-hire' involving a sophisticated international network spanning multiple jurisdictions.

    Flags of India and Pakistan

    Islamabad: Pakistan said on Thursday it had "credible evidence" linking Indian agents to the killings of two Pakistani citizens on Pakistani soil.

    "These are killings-for-hire cases involving a sophisticated international set-up spread over multiple jurisdictions," Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Muhammad Syrus Qazi told reporters.

    India's Ministry of External Affairs did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Qazi said the "method of assassination was similar" to alleged attempts in Canada and the United States.

    Pakistan's allegations come months after both Canada and the United States separately accused Indian agents of being linked to assassination attempts on their soil.

    India has rejected Ottawa's allegations and has launched an investigation into US allegations.