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    New Rajasthan

    Soumitra Bose
    February26/ 2024
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    Bhajan Lal Sharma

    'New Rajasthan' courtesy the state's new "all round ebullient" CM, Bhajan Lal Sharma, now in full grip of the entire state, its districts, the state's "multiple colors, frolics, culture, attractive + pleasing diversities engulfing the masses inherently all the time". The "already proving to be multi-ebullient" CM, Bhajan Lal is fast devising Rajasthan-suiting the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's globally hit Padharo Gujarat-like Padharo Rajasthan in all its splendour, splash...history, glory etc. As this is instantly cash rich, the state's financial coffers will naturally instantly swell by manifold benefitting the state in multiple ways, analyse the state's astute statisticians. They admit that Bhajan Lal is in "right track refurbishing, enriching the Rajasthan state. It'll be a new Rajasthan soon".

    —Soumitra Bose