Nehha Pendse recalls working with Sunny Deol in 'Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi'

    Pankaj Sharma
    September15/ 2023
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    Mumbai: Actress Nehha Pendse, who is known for her versatile performances in both television and film, recalled her journey as a child artiste, and expressed her admiration for actor Sunny Deol.

    Nehha is set to make her return in the new episodes of ‘May I Come in Madam’, as Madam Sanjana. She shared insights into her remarkable journey as a child artiste, and the changing landscape for young talent in the entertainment industry.

    Reminiscing about her early days in the entertainment world, the actress said: “I began my acting career as a child artiste with a television serial on DD channel, and made my big-screen debut alongside the legendary Sunny Deol in ‘Pyaar Koi Khel Nahi’.”

    “My parents had always held a deep appreciation for art and entertainment, and that’s where it all began. During that era, child artistes were relatively limited, as many perceived it as taboo to involve children in the entertainment industry,” said Nehha.

    She said: “However, I believe destiny had its role to play, and everything fell into place, allowing me to be part of numerous wonderful projects as a child artiste.”

    Speaking further, Nehha expressed gratitude for the enriching experiences she had while working with various artistes.

    She particularly highlighted her admiration for Sunny Deol, with whom she shared the screen in her early career.

    “Sunny Deol is one of my favourites among the many talented artistes I’ve worked with. He is a remarkably soft-spoken and respectable man. Despite his commanding presence, he remained humble and grounded, especially toward the people he collaborated with,” Nehha said.

    “His dedication to his craft is truly commendable, and it’s something I deeply cherish about him,” she added.

    The story of the show amusingly follows a man (Sajan) played by Sandeep Anand caught between his suspicious wife Kashmira played by Sapna Sikarwar and attractive boss Sanjana played by Nehha highlighting Sajan’s humorous dilemma as he manages his feelings for his Boss and his Wife.

    ‘May I Come In Madam’ will air from September 26 on Star Bharat.