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    Mega Million+ $ Duo Pic

    Soumitra Bose
    March2/ 2024
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    Amit Shah and Narendra Modi

    Mega Million+ $ Duo Pic: Now insidious as priceless possession in numerous netas' home / office / gallery / corridor walls prominently evincing "all of them are straight away 4th fiddle to them as every word of theirs is 'my baap ka aadesh to be instantly adhered to in toto howsoever tough it be', come what may". At the same time, those in know of the "duo" say, both do not give orders, they only direct that too after fully enumerating all the pros and cons of every directive, the reason why, till now, more than 99.9% of their directives have been super-duper successful / right / on dot, point out the insiders. They admit that both are often misinterpretated as not fully democratic but till now since 2014 --- the 1st year of their governance --- they have not been opposed by and large proving they do pursue "consensus decisions and thus, they are fully democratic. Rest bunkum, non-sense, lies, deceit, chicanery, fibes", say insiders. 

    —Soumitra Bose