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    Soumitra Bose
    February17/ 2024
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    Shelly Oberoi

    MCD Scores: Yipee! Hee Haw! MCD or Municipal Corporation of Delhi Commissioner Shelly Oberoi, "truly, a post-partition Delhiite but of course not so in every typical post-refugee sense being an AAP --- omni party --- member and now the Delhi-mayor implying she for all Delhiites, of all Delhiites, for all Delhiites without any bias of any kind whatsoever. Displaying, evincing her being synonymous with "every ill or good or benefit or loss of Delhi", she herself, defying all controversies about her, the MCD, its corporators, took the broom, swept / broomed roads of Delhi with her accomplices with utmost exuberance, zeal, zest aplenty and in abundance. Seeing her in "uncanny, abnormal, 'dirty', crazy out-of-world action", observers including many in her ardent enemy camp in the BJP also appreciated her saying "city mother ho to eisa, khoo hee jhaaroo lagao aur lagate hee rao din-raat". ...This way, the MCD scores all throughout Delhi..."Mera Delhi Mahan...Kya Program Sham Ka...Kholanga Aur Kya...".

    —Soumitra Bose