Lioness gives birth to two cubs in UP safari, one dies

    The Hawk
    September4/ 2023
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    Etawah: After a series of animal deaths, a lioness gave birth to two cubs at the Etawah Lion Safari, but one died shortly after.

    While the lioness, named Rupa, was reported to have given birth in an open area frequented by visitors, the safari administration denied the claim and said the cubs were born at a breeding centre.

    Previously, the administration believed that the lioness was not pregnant as samples sent to a lab in Bareilly did not confirm the pregnancy.

    Safari director Deeksha Bhandari said the first cub was born at 4.26 p.m. Sunday and the other at 4.53 pm.

    “One of the cubs is dead and the other is healthy and kept at the natal care unit in the Safari.”

    Before Rupa, another lioness Sona had given birth to five cubs but all of them died between July and August.

    Two leopards, a bear and a spotted deer have also died in the Safari in the last one month.