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    Lessons of Democracy

    May8/ 2023
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    Healthy Democracy

    In a healthy democracy, it is absolutely necessary for every citizen to be educated. It is not a new establishment that education serves to civilize our society and at the same time prepares the way for the future of the generations to come. Today's era is of information. In such a situation, education becomes necessary for democracy because the operation of democracy is incomplete without communication and information. Today, the needs of the modern society have increased a lot as compared to earlier. Contemporary society is moving towards information, scientific consciousness, suchIn recent times the importance of education has increased more than before.

    Although it would probably limit the importance to say that scientific approach is needed only in education. There is a great need of scientific basis in our democracy too. On this issue, John Dewey says that in the absence of education, democracy is less capable, lifeless and in a way unnecessarily flexible and in the absence of democracy, education is dry, dull and dead. Today, non-discharge of participation in the entire democracy only shows the lack of education. educated should not be seen only from the perspective of job and business. It is also very important to live a better life and move forward according to the society. Rather, its usefulness is more on this front. But the question is that when education is so important for the common people to live their lives, is it not necessary for the leaders who run the government to be properly educated? 

    Politicians participate in governance by participating in elections. The responsibility of running the country is more on their shoulders. From this point of view also, they are educated to a better level.It is necessary to be The vehicle of democracy can be operated in the best way only when the people involved in democracy are of high level of thinking. What will be the result of taking over the reins of the country by those who themselves are deprived of education? All who meditate on the art of governing mankind recognize that the fate of government depends on an educated democracy. In today's time, whether it is the tragedy of the country or of the public, those whom the society has entrusted with the task of taking democracy forward, they themselves are in the process of real education.Z doesn't keep. It is also an irony of democracy that educated people do not become a part of democracy. 

    Surprising things come in front of us, those who do not have any proper and practical understanding of education, today they speak in the field of education. However, it is also a strange contradiction that many such educated people will be found, who like dictatorship and not democracy. This class is unable to see beyond its vested interests. In fact, this is the class which is irritated from the point of view of social justice and which Runs away from his responsibility towards the society. This protected class has not only kept a special distance from the marginalized sections, but has also attacked their interests from time to time as soon as they got the opportunity. Today in the country, most ideological and political attacks on reservation, secularism and rights of minorities are being done by this class and the most irresponsible political groups of the country have worked to take it further.

    Sometimes it seems that if everyone becomes really educated then the shops of people living in dictatorship Will be closed. Perhaps that is why concrete steps are not taken to give a complete shape to education. It is a matter of regret that of late the issue of education has been disappearing from the long-running debates. While talking about the current structure of education, one important aspect is the government policy, the second aspect is the concept of the teacher and the third aspect is the nature of the student. Helping in the all-round development of democracy should be the basic goal of our education system. For this it is necessary that we have a better and serious understanding of democracy.

    Create A teacher should be democratic in terms of conduct and perspective. He should have the ability to take his subject seriously, to create intense interest in the students towards study and labor. He should be conversant with the state-of-the-art methods of teaching, teach to keep his place of work clean and orderly, familiar with the methods of using book related material and tools of communication or communication. There is talk of development in the country everyday from morning to evening, but is the development of the country possible without education. the truth is thatThe recognition of democratic values ​​is incomplete without education.