Knife Attack: 3 Injured at Paris Railway Station

    The Hawk
    February3/ 2024
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    Chaos unfolded at Paris's Gare de Lyon as a knife attack left three injured, prompting a swift police response.

    Gare de Lyon station, Paris

    Paris: According to the police three people were injured in a knife attack that took place at Pariss Gare de Lyon railway station on Saturday. The attacker has been. Is now in custody.

    The incident occurred around 8;00 am (0700 GMT) within the station premises. Gare de Lyon is a transportation hub connecting various destinations such as Switzerland and Italy for both domestic and international trains.

    As, per the police report one of the victims suffered injuries while the other two had minor wounds. It is worth noting that during the attack the assailant did not utter any slogans. The police source also mentioned that upon apprehension the suspect presented a driving license.

    —Input from Agencies