Israeli commander explains role of Iron Dome in intercepting rockets, minimising casualties

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    November28/ 2023
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    Understanding Israel's Iron Dome: A Multi-layered Defense Explained by Former Commander Doron Gavish, Offering Insights into Civilian Safety Amid Threats.

    Israeli Commander Doron Gavish

    Tel Aviv [Israel]: Israeli commander Doron Gavish explained the workings of the Iron Dome system as part of a multi-layered defence system that has helped Israel intercept thousands of rockets from multiple targets.
    Former Commander of the Aerial Defense Array Brigadier General (res.) Doron Gavish said that the system also helped Israel in minimising the civilian casualties amid attacks.

    In a video posted by TPS - Israel's News Agency, Gavish said, "Iron Dome is part of a multi-layered defence system, developed here during the last 10-15 years. The role of this formation is to defend against threats that arrive at short ranges, whether it is from the direction of Hezbollah or whether it is from the direction of Gaza".

    He said that the system was built for the benefit of rockets but it also performs two other crucial tasks.
    "It helps is assisting in alerting the residents of Israel, basically every rocket that comes towards Israel, the residents of Israel receive an alert. It also assists in the interception of unmanned aerial vehicles. So, this is basically an Iron Dome, on top of which there is a layer for a longer range of a system called David's Sling," Gavish added.
    The Israeli commander further said that the system has helped in thousands of interceptions and it exudes confidence in Israeli defence to defend the country.
    "Here the role of Home Front Commander comes in. He warns the residents to go inside the shelters. This is what we call the passive defence, the combination, on one hand, active defence, and on the other hand passive defence. This allows for a very very low percentage of casualties despite the very large number of rockets fired at Israel," he added.