Indian worker dies in worksite accident in Maldives

    The Hawk
    May3/ 2024
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    Indian Worker Dies in Dredging Incident at Hulhumale' Lagoon; Authorities Investigate Safety Compliance.

    dead body

    Male: A 30-year-old Indian worker, injured during a dredging incident, died near here on Friday, a local media report said.

    Identified by local police as an Indian man, the expat was injured while aboard a dredger at Hulhumale’ lagoon at around 10:30 am local time, news portal reported.

    Quoting the police, the news portal said, The Hulhumale’ Hospital declared the expatriate dead on arrival after he was brought in following the incident. The person was not identified by the police, except that he was 30 years old and from India.

    The incident is under further investigation by the police, the report said, highlighting the failure to adhere to proper safety standards.