Indian Coast Guard intercepts Iranian fishing vessel amid allegations of crew exploitation

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    May6/ 2024
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    Indian Coast Guard intercepts Iranian fishing vessel off Kerala coast amid allegations of crew exploitation. Swift action taken to ensure maritime security and seafarer welfare. Vessel brought to Kochi for investigation.

    Indian Coast Guard

    Kochi (Kerala): In a swift and coordinated sea-air operation, the Indian Coast Guard intercepted and detained an Iranian fishing vessel in the Arabian Sea, just off the coast of Kerala.
    The vessel, carrying six Indian crew members employed on a contractual basis in Iran, was apprehended following allegations of exploitation and mistreatment by the boat's owner.

    The India Coast Guard (ICG) swiftly took action upon receiving reports of the alleged mistreatment, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to maritime security and welfare.
    The vessel was promptly brought to Kochi, where it will undergo further investigation to ascertain the veracity of the claims and ensure appropriate measures are taken.

    The interception highlights the importance of maintaining maritime security and upholding the rights and welfare of crew members operating in international waters.
    The ICG's decisive action underscores their dedication to enforcing maritime laws and regulations to safeguard the well-being of seafarers.

    "@IndiaCoastGuard in a swift sea-air coordinated operation intercepts & detains #Iranian fishing vessel in #Arabian sea west off #Kerala coast with 06 #Indian crew employed on contractual basis at Iran. Crew alleges exploitation & mistreatment by the boat owner. The boat has been brought to #Kochi for further investigation. Upholding maritime security & welfare #ICG demonstrates unwavering commitment," said the India Coast Guard in a post on X.
    Authorities have not disclosed further details regarding the nature of the alleged exploitation or the conditions on board the detained vessel.

    Earlier on May 1, IndiaCoastGuard Ship C-153 displayed swift response, undertaking Medical Evacuation of a 40-year-old fisherman from IFB Francis II (#Goa Regd) who sustained a head injury. Positioned 70 N miles South of Veraval, the operation occurred at 1805 hrs on 01 May. Post-evacuation, the ICG Ship provided first aid and safely transported the fisherman to Veraval.
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