India’s moon rover Pragyan takes snaps of moon lander Vikram

    The Hawk
    August30/ 2023
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    Chennai: India’s moon rover has clicked a snap of its carrier -- the moon lander -- on the lunar soil, and the Indian space agency on Tuesday released the same.Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in a post on the social media platform X on Tuesday said: “Smile, please! Pragyan Rover clicked an image of Vikram Lander this morning. The image was taken by the Navigation Camera onboard the Rover (NavCam). NavCams for the Chandrayaan-3 Mission are developed by the Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems (LEOS).”

    Interestingly, ISRO has now called its moon lander as Vikram and the rover as Pragyan.

    Earlier the Indian space agency termed them just as Lander and Rover.

    The Indian space agency had called the lander and rover of its Chandrayaan-2 mission as Pragyan and Vikram. However, while attempting a soft landing on the moon, Vikram crashed down.

    India on August 23 reached the Moon with its lander safely landing on the lunar soil in a textbook style. Later the rover rolled down and started doing experiments.