IDF Casualties Reach 220 in Conflict with Hamas; 24-Year-Old Soldier Killed

    The Hawk
    February4/ 2024
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    Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) face rising casualties in the ongoing conflict with Hamas as tensions escalate along the Lebanon-Israel border.

    Israeli soldiers drive near Gaza in southern Israel

    Tel Aviv [Israel]: According to a report by The Times of Israel on Sunday the number of soldiers who have lost their lives in the ongoing military conflict with Hamas has reached 225. One of the casualties is Sgt First Class (res.) Shimon Yehoshua Asulin, a 24 year resident of Beit Shemesh who served in the 924th Engineering Battalion of the Harel Brigade. Asulin tragically lost his life in Gaza.

    In response to Hezbollah launching rockets from Lebanon towards Mount Dov and Israeli settlements the IDF conducted an airstrike on a Hezbollah building located in the Lebanese village of Taybeh on Saturday. Additionally artillery shelling took place across parts of Lebanon throughout the day. The primary target for these strikes was to neutralize Hezbollahs launch sites as reported by The Times of Israel. Thankfully there were no casualties reported on the side.

    Ever since Hamas initiated an attack on Israel from Gaza on October 7th Hezbollah has been actively involved in confrontations with Israel, along the Lebanon Israel border. They have been firing rockets and anti tank missiles towards towns and army positions. Despite warnings to stay out of this conflict Hezbollah has continued its operations.

    To counter these actions effectively the IDF has consistently targeted Hezbollahs cells and posts located in Lebanon.
    As per the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza which's under Hamas control the number of casualties from Israeli assaults on Gaza since October 7th stands at 27,019 people killed and 66,139 injured. Al Jazeera has reported that the revised death toll in Israel resulting from the Hamas attacks, on October 7th is 1,139.

    —Input from Agencies