Hundreds evacuated from Sydney mall after suspected stabbing: Report

    The Hawk
    April13/ 2024
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    Evacuation at Sydney Mall Following Suspected Stabbing Near Bondi Beach: Witnesses Report Shots Fired as Police and Emergency Services Respond to the Scene.

    Representative image of a police vehicle.

    Sydney: Hundreds of people on Saturday were evacuated from a shopping centre in Sydney after a suspected stabbing, news site reported.

    A police operation was under way at the busy mall near Bondi Beach after the suspected stabbing on Saturday afternoon, according to the news site.

    Two witnesses told Reuters they heard shots fired.

    One of the witnesses said they saw a woman lying on the ground before sheltering in a jewellery store.

    New South Wales state police said a police operation was under way but did not provide further details.

    Several posts on social media showed crowds fleeing the mall and police cars and emergency services rushing to the area.