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    Growing trend in increase of women judges across country: CJI Chandrachud

    The Hawk
    October6/ 2023
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    CJI Chandrachud

    New Delhi [India]: Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud on Friday said that there is a growing trend across the country where women judges are outnumbering their men judges in lower courts.
    CJI referred to the significant increase in the number of women judges and cited a specific example of a junior division court in Maharashtra, which currently has a total of 75 judges, 42 of whom are women.

    All 75 judges were present in courtroom CJI's number one of the Supreme Court today.

    At the outset of the proceedings in the court, the CJI said, "We wish to share some happy news. Here in the back row (in the courtroom), we have 75 judges from the civil judge junior division from Maharashtra. Out of a batch of 75 judges, 42 are women and 33 men."
    CJI added, "This is happening across the country where the judges who are women are more in numbers."
    Justice Chandrachud said he would meet the judges present in court, during the lunch hour.
    He said the change in the gender ratio of subordinate judges was reflective of circumstances and decisions made fifteen years ago.
    CJI said, "The appointments we make today is a reflection of what happened fifteen years ago and we have to select from the pool. Here, two are doctorates, some are gymnasts, some are warli artists."