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    Former Couple In Same Seat

    Soumitra Bose
    March17/ 2024
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    Saumitra Khan, Sujata Paul

    Divorced husband-wife, Saumitra Khan, Sujata Paul are contesting ensuing Lok Sabha elections from the same MP-seat: Bishnupur providing "tremendous comic relief to the localites as they are fully aware with their marital discord since its beginning that is titillating, tantalising, tangling...As such, Saumitra Khan is sitting BJP MP from Bishnupur, he expected, like before, opposition-less contest as before when his 100% win was "natural", Opposition-less that he was. It was so this time also till TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee struck it otherwise by fielding Khan's divorced wife Sujata Paul against him turning Bishnupur election "interesting" over night: The people of Bishnupur predictably now are reportedly more tilted toward Sujata Paul due to sympathy factor arising out of Saumitra Khan's "gross ill treatments to her that finally led her to separate from him to live a normal life". Now, she enjoys the en masse support of the Bishnupurites reportedly forcing Khan to be fully flabbergasted, flummoxed. He has already begun asking his BJP party high command in Delhi for "immediate rescuing act for him or else he would be doomed" but as of now, no 'relief' to him, say insiders. Meanwhile, Sujata Paul already has become a household name in Bishnupur, its janata janardan's "full support to her already", rationally assess political assessees.