Chinese landslip burying 47 people

    The Hawk
    January22/ 2024
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    Amidst the tragic landslide that struck Liangshui village in Zhaotong city, the Yunnan province is gripped by sorrow and uncertainty. Swift response from over 200 rescuers, supported by firefighting vehicles and loading machines, intensifies the search for the missing 47 individuals.

    Landslide in China buries 47 people

    Beijing: A tragic landslide has resulted in the loss of 47 lives, in Liangshui village, located in Zhaotong city, Yunnan province, southwest China. The catastrophic event occurred at 5;51 am Beijing time on Monday as reported by Xinhua news agency.

    In response to this crisis than 200 rescuers have been deployed along with 33 vehicles and 10 loading machines to diligently search for those who are missing in the aftermath of the landslide. Despite the mobilization of rescue efforts there have been no reports of fatalities or injuries.

    The cause of this landslide remains unknown at present leaving authorities and the affected community grappling with shock and uncertainty surrounding the incident. Rescue operations are ongoing as families anxiously await news, about their loved ones who were caught up in this event.

    —Input from Agencies