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    Can't Believe

    Soumitra Bose
    March12/ 2024
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    LPG Gas Cylinder

    'Can't Believe'...You must be fooling us, no kidding, really, what's up, you and reducing cooking gas cylinders' prices that too, not 50 or so but straight away 300, unbelievable! You, Sir, surely are kidding with us, right? How could you reduce the cooking gas price by Rs 300 in one stroke when till a few days ago, you were strictly hell-bent on not cutting even a paise on the domestic LPG price. And now, in one "jhatka", you reduce Rs 300 and say, more cuts are in the offing in the ensuing days...Are all OK or are all cracking, cackling, crumbling...You know what? Just can't believe, you reducing cooking gas price by 300 in one strike. At this "cut rate", you can give us the whole LPG gas filled 14kg cylinder free even...are we in for that also? Yeee...You are smiling also, you are complacent-resembling, am sure, we're right. Ain't so?!?

    —Soumitra Bose