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    Both Scoring

    Soumitra Bose
    March17/ 2024
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    Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi

    'Both Scoring': There are strong rumblings within the Congress that its true --- officially, not confirmed, ascertained, mentioned, disproved, denied, discarded yet --- both Priybnka Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi currently not only on equal footing in terms of their political weightage, relevance, popularity etc but, to put it aptly / correctly / matter-of-factly, Priyanka Gandhi is far faster crowds-puller compared to Rahul Gandhi. Thus, the growingly ascertained common notion amid the Congress-insiders is, the earlier Priyanka replaces Rahul "importancewise in the Indian National Congress, the instantly better --- rather, the best --- it is for the all round topmost importance of the Congress party as before in the 1940s-2014 as the party will be revitalised, repepped, revigorated amid all country-people unlike now when, under or with Rahul Gandhi, numerous many --- say, Ghulam Nabi Azad for instance --- are leaving the party or are on the verge of doing so as they are incongruous, anachronous in today's Congress being totally unable to see any remotest chance of seeing or sensing the Congress with Rajiv Gandhi ever coming to governing-power due to innumerable reasons, all of whom now are irretrievable under Rahul Gandhi. Contrarily, Priyanka Gandhi is naturally seen / assessed as the instantly-accepted Congress leader "amid all" as she is "natural, approachable, pleasant, rational full with needed-rationale, convivial, congenial, gregarious". Such "qualities" amid the Congress leader are now needed amid the "Congres leader now to instantly regain its all lost-support" and Priyanka Gandhi is said to be having all required qualities to attain that easily unlike the prevailing scenarios in the Congress under Rahul Gandhi, arsertively point out numerous many. ...But, both scoring points competently, agree many.