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    Besieged, Gheraoed

    Soumitra Bose
    March17/ 2024
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    Rahul and Priyanka Yatra

    "Besieged, Gheraoed": Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, literally wherever they are visiting amid the people. The latter simply are going berserk, vociferously urging, requesting, "praying" to them to "regain the control of the country's all round, all level administration before the country goes to the docks and dangles in mid-air, na eedhar, na oodhar, na ghar ka, na ghat ka, na samshan ka....But sirf aur sirf, apna bhalai dekho". Yes, it is veritably true that the need for such brooding comments emanate from both's "casual, non-serious, sort-of-flimsy approach toward the "Dilli-gaddi" unlike their political rivals in the NDA doggedly hell-bent on clinging on to the power at any cost, come what may". In diametric contrary to them, the "wayward, haphazard, aimless, novice-like" Bharat Joro, Bharat Bejor, Bharat 'Hatash' Now, Bharat Oothao etc, etc of theirs truly resemble "hoax", "humbug", "humumdrum", "flimsy", "flippant"...not a wee bit more, unabashedly confide many Congress insiders flawlessly. They thus are being assessed of detesting of being gheraoed, besieged, obstructed, et al, as they are "far too many light years away from them, thanks to their "diabolic", "dramatic", "distinctive" back ground, not true at all with others.

    —Soumitra Bose