At least 15 children dead from malnutrition, dehydration at Gaza hospital, Gaza health ministry says

    The Hawk
    March3/ 2024
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    Amidst the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza, at least 15 children succumb to malnutrition and dehydration at Kamal Adwan Hospital.

    A Palestinian Child

    Cairo: At least 15 children have died over the past few days from malnutrition and dehydration at Gaza's Kamal Adwan hospital, the health ministry in Gaza said in a statement.

    "We fear for the lives of 6 (other) children suffering from malnutrition and diarrhea at the hospital's intensive care unit as a result of the cessation of the electric generator and oxygen and the weakness of medical capabilities," Ashraf Al-Qidra, the Gaza health ministry spokesperson, said.