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    Ajit Pawar Deleted

    Soumitra Bose
    April6/ 2024
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    Ajit Pawar Deleted, Outright: No more, he is relevant, operational, tingler, manipulator, player, strategist, healer, or, maniqulator, manouvrer, hider etc in Maharashtra as he has abysmally failed to rope in 100% NCP MLAs owing allegiance to Sharad Pawar in to his NCP despite it being recognised as the real NCP...Thus, boo to Ajit Pawar. Thus, his current God Fathers Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Jagat Prasad Nadda remain the real Dada while Ajit Pawar is dysfunctional, deflated, dwindled...He is at sheer, pitiable miniscule mercy of N-A-J (Narendra-Amit-Jagat), guffaw numerous many in the state without any slightes commisseration with Pawar, its "end being imminent and very near any moment, say many, thus, over to N-A-J in Maharashtra from now on. ...Ajit Pawar thus deleted out right.