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    Aaj Ka Sampoorna Kranti

    The Hawk
    January29/ 2024
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    Nitish Poster

    "Aaj Ka Sampoorna Kranti" --- a la Nitish Kumar, the way he is repeatedly displaying to the "samoocha" {all} Biharvaasee, Bharatvaasee his "neejee kranti" [being widely termed as "2024-ka-Sampoorna Kraantee"] to stay on as Bihar Chief Minister uninturrupted for 9th time-in-row come what may, disproving / disapproving all reliable, unreliable rumours, "kite flying" be what the political situations, political requirements are / needed, doesn't matter, stay on as the CM, commonly / generally observe the commonly posing "politically all-knowing" Bihar-denizens by and large. They are being confirmed by the "samoocha" Bihar state's political parties including the Rashtriyaa Janata Dal headed by Laloo Prasad Yadav, his kith and kin, the Congress, the JD(U), the splinter parties, riff-raffs, itsy-bitsies rather comically, circastically, tongue-in-cheek. Aaj Ka Sampoorna Kranti, la Nitish Kumar, how? 1: Self-claimed Samajwad Nitish Kumar is evincing only a Samajwad (known for accomodating all, adjusting with all) is 100% capable / calibred / worthy of remaining Bihar CM in the midst of all oddities, gauche, "oothak-pathak" {topsy-turvy}, disturbances, chicanery, cospiracies, espionage, helter-skelter, turbulenbe, whirlwind, predicaments. 2: He is the only true living Samajwad; others like George Fernandez dead or few remaining about to like Laloo Prasad Yadav. 3: A Samajwad like Nitish Kumar today is widely claimed to be tailor made CM for Bihar that is full of dilemma, acute vagaries, contradictions, confusions, confabulations, contrasts, hegemonies, static but ineffective rather -Ve social milieu, incongruous practices, anachronous practises...He thus aptly suits the BJP that under "Mananiya" Narendra Modi wants entire Bharat to equally prosper, political ideologies, practices, beliefs dumped in to ocean. Since Nitish Kumar too equally partakes of the BJP-view, they are Bhai-Bhai, point out insiders, 'made for each other' 24x7x365' throwing aside the "flimsy, flippant, aimless, egoccentric, artificial I.N.D.I.A. good-for-nothing". That's Aaj Ka Sampoorna Kranti aiming only to +Ve power. "Thus, Aaj Ka Sampoorna Kranti, la Nitish Kumar", Comment Shrewd, Notable Laconic + Cogent Observers.

    —Soumitra Bose