20 citizens still held by Hamas: Thailand

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    November25/ 2023
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    Hamas Releases 10 Thai Hostages: Thailand Vows Efforts for Remaining 20, Amidst Broader Israel-Hamas Deal Facilitated by Qatar and Iranian Influence.

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    Tel Aviv: Thailand on Saturday said that there are still 20 of its citizen which are held by Hamas.

    On Friday, Hamas released 13 Israelis hostages, including 10 Thailand citizens and one Philippine national while Israel released 39 Palestinians as part of the deal between Hamas and Israel brokered by Qatar.

    Thailand said that it will work for the release of all its citizens held by Hamas.

    Reportedly, Iran has played a pivotal role in the release of 10 Thailand nationals and one Philippine national.

    Sources in Thailand Embassy in Tel Aviv told IANS that they will use all the possible backchannels for the release of its citizens.

    As part of deal, including four day ceasefire which stared from Friday, the movement of trucks with aid materials including food, fuel and medicines will be allowed in Gaza via Rafah crossing.

    No gun shots were heard since Friday morning in Gaza, reports said.

    However, Israel has alleged that it has shot down missiles allegedly fired by Hezbollah from the West Bank region on Saturday morning.