15 killed, 44 injured in building fire in China

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    February24/ 2024
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    Recent fires in China, including a deadly blaze in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and prior incidents in Xinyu and Henan, underscore urgent needs for enhanced fire safety and building standards.

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    Beijing: At least 15 people were killed and 44 others injured when a building caught fire in China, a month after 39 people died in a similar accident.

    The building fire broke out in Nanjing, the capital city of east China's Jiangsu Province, the municipal government said on Saturday.

    Forty-four injured in the fire that broke out on Friday morning are receiving treatment at a local hospital.

    A preliminary investigation found that the fire erupted on the building's first floor, where electrical bicycles were placed, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    This is the second major fire accident in China in about a month.

    Thirty-nine people were killed and nine others injured in a building fire that broke out in Xinyu City in east China's Jiangxi Province on January 24.

    The fire broke out in a street shop in the Yushui District of Xinyu.

    Following the mishap, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered steps to curb repeated occurrences of such accidents and to protect people's lives, and property and ensure social stability.

    Fatal fires in China are not uncommon due to lax enforcement of building and safety standards.

    On January 20, at least 13 students were killed when a fire broke out in a school dormitory in central China's Henan province. All the victims were third-grade students.

    In November last year, 26 people died after a large fire ripped through an office building in Luliang city in Shanxi province.

    A hospital fire in Beijing last April claimed the lives of at least 29 people - mostly patients - and triggered an investigation.