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    'Purandeswari', Today's NTR

    Soumitra Bose
    March30/ 2024
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    Daggabuti Nandamuri Taraka Rama Purandeswari

    'Purandeswari', Today's NTR: Daggabuti Nandamuri Taraka Rama Purandeswari, former Central Minister from former PM Manmohan Singh' Cabinet, now is the BJP's AP CM face post-next MLA polls in the state. Already so being overtly tom-tomed almost all throughout the state, there is "ushered in pro-spirit of late NTR --- 16-years-at-a-strech AP CM thus a cult even now --- back via Purandeswari thus fall for her through-n-through". This way, excessive adulation, support for Purandeswari has neatly sidelined, dwarfed, dwindled the statewide +Ve effect of her "own" brother-in-law, 100% confident-to-be-next-CM with the help of ChandraBabu Naidu, former AP CM in league with the BJP these days for his "all round hassle-free convenience". But, despite enjoying the fame of being reincarnation of NTR in to him, Naidu now is crest fallen, "shrunk" because of Purandeswari's dash, verve, exuberance, adventurism, mega-plans...openly supported, patronised by the BJP High Command in the quest to see 1st AP CM via her...from there on to "over to conquering BJP's Deccan Quest comprising BJPism in entire Southern region to complete entire 'Bharat is BJP, BJP is Bharat' in the line of 'Ek Bharat, Ek Party: BJP, Jai Bharat'. 33-Cr-Dev-Devi-Jeendabaad, Hindutva Danke Ke Jor Par Sarvada Oopastheet Rahe. Jai Bharat". Fantastic Bharatiyata, Nationalism On Par With The "Current Spirit Of The Centre, Nationalism, Bharatiyata, etc, etc, matter-of-factly opine insiders. This in ditto followed by Purandeswari to evincd, she's today's NTR, every bit a nationalist to the core.