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    'Ekla Chalo'

    Sunil Aswal
    March6/ 2023
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    Soumitra Bose

    New Delhi (The Hawk): "Ekla Chalo". Back to "Ekla Chalo" era like solitary entity now that "for all" Didi Mamata Banerjee has "post just out by-election results realised loud-n-clear that her D-day of her 'wrap-up' is imminent in the ensuing days unless she is on her own in the true sense of 'for her, of her, by her' and segregates from her 'pets' including her 'heir-projected Abhishek Banerjee, MP + nephew' and that's why she's 'ekla' (lonesome)". Many of her die-hard confidantes, lieutanants, lackeys, orderlys, janitors are truly shell shocked at her sudden change. But they have no answer as she has not provided --- leave alone even slightest semblance of it --- them with any explanation to her "sudden turn around". "Serious analysers" explain that the reasons for her sudden "turn around" stems from her party's defeat, that too to he bitterest foe, the Congress-Left Front combine, in Muslim-dominated Murshidabad which she never anticipated in her wildest dreams: Her 'always accurate uncanny tantra, incantations' failed her for the first time. She did not have even a slightest inkling of her defeat. That too, amid Muslims whom she reportedly treats as her "inherent inseparable alter ego". This time without giving any prior indication / intimation of any kind, they "ditched her evincing to her they are back with the CPI(M) led Left Front + Congress as before and enough's enough with her and her TMC that if all have given steady rise to "numerous mafiosi in the state: Lottery Mafia, Chit Fund Mafia, School Mafia, Education Mafia, Coin Mafia, Cow Mafia, Woman-Peddling Mafia, Child-Smuggling Mafia, Beef Mafia etc, etc, much of whom already are in law-n-order dragnet and more are in offing in ensuing times. The common brewing opinions are: Without the tacit or direct or indirect consent of Mamata Banerjee, those statewide mafias just can not freely thrive in the state with international threads. Thus, the masses' disillusionment, dissociation with the TMC and her. What's more? Her own trusted minister --- now deposed --- Partha Chatterjee is in incarceration after being found neck deep in School Mafia syndrome with crores and crores in cash etc from his pad/s. There are more such...It is, yes, one of the many such reasons why the state's masses including the Muslims have walked away from her to embrace Congress-Left Front in an assured spirit of resurrecting, re-pepping, re-vitalising, re-popularising it to be "governed by them". As for Mamata, "Ekla Cholo".