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    In the era of mobiles, humans no longer need humans, but they are suffering from depression in times of trouble

    Mobile depression
    Vijay GarG
    May8/ 2023

    It is an incident of some time ago. When a child returned to his coaching after a long time, his teacher expressed concern and asked, 'Because of Kovid, you remained alone for so many days. It must have felt very bad and bored! Then that child said that 'No, I was very happy... I had all my 'gadgets' with me. I used to have a great time without friends. I don't even feel the need for friends It happened.' Probably any sensitive person would be surprised to hear such an answer from the child. The use of technology has interfered in our lives to such an extent that now humans do not need other humans much.  The need to sit together and gossip is disappearing. From shopping to meeting is also happening through video call After the complete ban to prevent the epidemic, now the situation is that from shopping for household items to meeting people, it is also done through video calls of smartphones. The limit is that all the members of the same house They don't talk much to each other. They are engrossed in their mobile phones even while sitting together. Instead of knowing or understanding the mind of a member of the household, they have started giving more priority to talking to someone thousands of kilometers away on social media. The irony is that it is affecting children the most. They know how to operate technology, but they absolutely cannot control relationships and emotions. Psychologists say that such children, who are becoming completely socially cut off, are more likely to face a bad situation. But go into depression.  They resort to drugs etc. or sometimes even commit suicide. Many times children want someone to listen to them, counsel them, but parents get busy in their phone or internet world after work. Immobility has come ...

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