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    PM Modi To Discuss Stand On Ukraine During Europe Visit

    Sunil Aswal
    May2/ 2022

    New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarks on a tour of three European nations, India on Sunday once again called for the cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and resolution of the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy, noting that was an appreciation of its position on the crisis by its partner countries. At a media briefing, newly appointed Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra underlined the 'context, clarity, importance and positive dimension' of India's position on Ukraine and asserted that there should not be any doubt about it. On his first trip abroad this year, Modi will embark on a three-day visit to Germany, Denmark and France beginning Monday amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. "Our position on Ukraine has been clear. First, there should be a cessation of hostilities; second, a solution must be found out through dialogue and diplomacy," he said, adding this view has been conveyed very clearly to various countries. The foreign secretary said the visit is focused on expanding India's bilateral ties with the three European nations in a range of areas including trade and investment, clean energy, digital technology and defence, and added that the Ukraine issue will figure in the talks as part of discussions on regional and global developments. He said India's international partners have an understanding of its standpoint on Ukraine and they even have a deep appreciation for it. Kwatra said discussions on energy security will be one of the key areas of discussion during Modi's visit as it has assumed greater significance in the current circumstances. There has been a wider debate and discussion in Europe over ending dependence on its reliance on Russian energy in view of its attack on Ukraine. The foreign secretary ...

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