Zendaya Says Her Entry In Hollywood Was A ‘Frightening Yet Thrilling’ Experience

    Inam Ansari
    August24/ 2023
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    Actress Zendaya

    Los Angeles: Actress Zendaya's journey into Hollywood hasn't been a picnic as the 'Dune' actress has had to face a bunch of troubles when she entered the industry. Zendaya recently spoke about how she felt when she stepped in as "a leading lady", calling it a very frightening experience, but something she wanted to do nonetheless which was thrilling for her.
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, talking about how her roles in ‘Euphoria’, ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Dune’ catapulted her fame to massive levels and made her one of the industry’ biggest modern faces, Zendaya said: “It was a little bit scary when I entered. While it was definitely something that freaked me out, I think it is also a good feeling.” “To have your own moments of self-doubt and then be like, ‘Ooh, can I do this?’ After this, you can run from that feeling and stay safe and comfortable, or you can go, take the risk and say ‘You know what, f*** it’", she added. Zendaya further doubled down about the growing attention she had been getting as a Hollywood star, which came to her notice while filming in Boston in 2022.
    “After the last Spider-Man and the last season of Euphoria, there was a visceral change,” Zendaya explained. “Before, I could get away with going places and getting in and out. But in Boston, I would end up going right back home, because it was really over stimulating.”
    “Everybody would go hang out at a bar or something, and I’d be like, ‘I’d love to, but I think I could ruin everybody’s night. Because it’s just not going to be fun once I’m there,” she added. The conversation was held in regards to her upcoming film ‘Challengers’, where the 26-year old will portray the character of Tashi Donaldson, the fictional tennis superstar turned coach who gets caught in a love triangle.
    Talking about her role in the upcoming dramedy, Zendaya called her new venture as a stepping stone to something new which made her feel more ‘grown up’. She said “I felt like it was a good step into a more, I guess you could say, ‘grown-up’ role and into that next phase.”—IANS