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    Xi Jinping's call for open cooperation on tech 'could not be timelier': Gates

    Inam Ansari
    May27/ 2023
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    Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates

    San Francisco: Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has said that the call for open cooperation on technology by Chinese President Xi Jinping "could not be timeliera, echoing Jinping's message.

    Addressing the Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing via a live feed, Gates said that China, with its mix of expertise and experience and investment in innovation, would be able to make its contribution to the world by sharing its technology and lessons, reports South China Morning Post.

    Gates said that issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic, along with other challenges from food security to child welfare, do not stay within national boundaries.

    "So we need to commit to working across boundaries to address them," Gates was quoted as saying.

    "We need to mount a comprehensive, broad response (to issues like Covid-19) based on innovation and cooperation," the Microsoft founder said.

    "China is already playing an important role in addressing complex global challenges, including future pandemics and food insecurity," he told the gathering.

    Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping said it is important "more than ever" for nations to deepen cooperation and share technology.

    China is committed to a "win-win strategy of opening-up" and the country is ready to join hands with others to promote sci-tech innovation, according to the his letter published by Xinhua news agency.

    The message came as the US-China rivalry is deepening, with Washington tightening export restrictions to Beijing.

    Earlier this week, China banned the sale of US-based Micron Technology's chips in the country, citing "national security risks".

    The Chinese government said that Micro products will be banned for sale to the country's key information infrastructure, as the US continues to tighten control on China-based tech companies.

    The US Commerce Department replied to the ban, saying it "firmly opposes restrictions that have no basis in fact".

    "We will engage directly with PRC (People's Republic of China) authorities to detail our position and clarify their action," the department said in a statement.

    In October last year, the Joe Biden administration tightened exports of advanced US semiconductor technologies to China, including chip making equipment and design software.

    Recent reports claimed that the Joe Biden administration is about to announce new restrictions on US companies' investments in China. —IANS