Will NEET 2021 UG Exams Be Postponed! How to prepare yourself to assure 650 + from here

    April20/ 2022
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    New Delhi: CBSE Boards Exams 2021 for class 12 has been postponed. Education Minister also informed that a notice of at least 15 days will be given before the start of the class 12 examination. This implies that the CBSE class 12 board exam will most likely begin after 15th July and will continue for a month.

    The board will also require time to release the class 12 board results, which may lead in further postponing the NEET 2021 UG Exam. Looking at the current scenario, most likely NEET 2021 UG Exam will be postponed and will most likely take place in September following the NEET 2021 UG result will be released in October.

    NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the entrance examination for students trying to pursue medicine as a career. The seats are limited, the stakes are high and anything goes.

    In order to excel and pass with flying colors, you need to study smart, study right and make sure you practice as much as possible. The last 3 months are the most crucial. How you spend each minute of these last 90 days will decide how your future looks.

    How to practice leading questions for NEET - The 90-day mantra for students

    1. Understand the examination pattern, the question paper pattern - Do your research before you dive headlong into the vast ocean of knowledge that is the NEET curriculum. First things first, know the syllabus well, in and out so that you know the different topics that each chapter encompasses. Then, once you know the entire syllabus well, get yourself a couple of Question Banks, Worksheets and Sample Papers. Do not go solving them from the offset because you will be disappointed. Instead, use the paper to understand the leverage each topic and each chapter holds. This will help you understand the question paper pattern which is so important. And by going through a couple of NEET Question Banks & NEET Sample Papers 2021, you will be able to develop a strategy that yields the best results for you.

    2. Read books that are student-friendly and exam-oriented -Your studying should be targeted and strategic so that you do not end up overwhelming yourself with information. That is why, you need good primary and reference books that actually sum up the information for you and present it in a way that you can easily digest and reproduce.

    Oswaal NEET Question Banks 2021 are really effective and helpful in this regard. These books are absolutely exam-oriented and break-down content Chapter-wise & Topic-wise so that students find it easier to retain information and recall at will. You will find all the past 33 Years' NEET Questions in this book along with tools like Mind Maps, Revision Notes & QR Code for quick revision and betting understanding. It also includes the Solved NEET 2020 Question Paper.3. Understanding the marking scheme - 90 days is nowhere enough time to go through each and every detail of each and every chapter. You have to be focused and strategic about it. Know the marking scheme. Now if you set the bar at 650, you need to figure out which questions to answer first, which subject to give more importance to, which topics to emphasize on and how many correct answers you need, to achieve that score. Make sure you aim higher than your desired target.

    4. Solve Sample Papers - If you are opting for smart studying then do not forget - Sample Papers. These are the ultimate whetstone for your brain that teaches you to hone multiple skills at once. Solving Sample Papers gives you a better understanding of the subjects, the questions and the questioning pattern, trains you to manage time under pressure and to write fast without compromising on handwriting or information.

    Oswaal NEET Sample Question Papers are the ultimate practice resource for NEET 2021. They include 15 Sample Papers for extensive practice. These papers are designed based on latest NEET paper pattern. The book also includes other important exam preparatory tools like; Solved NEET 2020 Question Paper, Mind Maps, Mnemonics, Answer Keys and a lot more.Find Oswaal NEET Sample Papers 2021 at

    5. Read books that are exam-oriented -Your studying should be targeted and strategic so that you do not end up overwhelming yourself with information. That is why, you need good primary and reference books that actually sum up the information for you and present it in a way that you can easily digest and reproduce. Choosing the right books is really important so make sure you get that right.

    6. Revise regularly - Make it a point to revise regularly. Make notes when you study by writing down or paraphrasing what you are learning. These make for great notes to revise with. Furthermore, you can use these notes as questionnaires to test yourself out as well. This means asking yourself questions and checking if they are correct or not. Revising regularly will keep the pattern alive in your mind and with regular revision, your memory will be enhanced, thereby allowing you to retain more information and recall more effortlessly. Also, the more prominent or important questions should be revised more. Make a separate section that has an assortment of all such questions that are a little tricky or tougher than the rest. Devise a good revision strategy and dedicate anything between 1 to 2 hours each day to revising if you want to score well above 650 in your NEET examinations.

    These are the 6 major tips with regards to practicing leading questions that can help you achieve your desired goal faster. In the end, it is all about getting organized and getting started and with the aforementioned tips, it'll be easier for you to find direction.

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