Webinar on experiences of spiritual devotees held

    April20/ 2022
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    Shimla (The Hawk): Yogananda Centre for Theology (YCT)  organised its fifth webinar entitled “Experiences of Spiritual devotees: A conversation with Kriyabans”.
    Kriya yoga is the highest technique in meditation. The person who performs Kriya yoga is called Kriyabans.
    Four eminent speakers participated in the event and shared their spiritual experiences with the gathering and concluded that meditation is the solution for all the problems and we must meditate on a daily basis. 
    Prof. Prem Kumar Khosla, Chancellor, Shoolini University and Patron, YCT, presented the welcome note and shared his experiences and said Kriya Yoga according to Paramhansa Yogananda, is a method to reach God. The science of Kriya yoga is the process of inhaling to exhaling and exhaling to inhaling and the process is taking within you is activating the metabolic cells that keep you healthy and energetic. 
    Mr. M.L. Chauhan, former Deputy Director of Education said Kriya yoga helps students to concentrate on studies. It also helps in career growth, he added.
    Mrs. Saroj Khosla, Founder and President SILB, said one must have faith in oneself and we should all be grateful to the Almighty.
    Mrs. Neena Atray,  Director-Principal JPA Toddlers World preschool, Panchkula, said we all can achieve happiness through meditation. Mr Amrit Lal Gupta, a former Director of Audit from the Indian Audit and Account service said Kriya yoga is an ancient science which calms the breath of its practitioners.
    Dr. Prerna Bhardwaj, Co-ordinator, YCT, and Dr. Lalit Sharma, Assistant Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences organised the webinar along with the YCT team. Mr. Vivek Atray, Chairman, YCT, and motivational speaker made the closing remarks. Around 100 participants attended the webinar.
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