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    Vice President Dhankar expresses concern over people making inappropriate comments about constitutional institutions

    Pankaj Sharma
    September30/ 2023
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    Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar

    New Delhi [India]: Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar on Friday said that it is a matter of reflection, contemplation and concern that some people make inappropriate comments on constitutional institutions, wearing political glasses.
    Describing such behaviour against cultural ethos, he underlined “The higher the position a person holds, the more dignified his conduct should be. Making any comment to gain political advantage is not a good thing.”

    Calling upon everyone to be quite responsible when it comes to constitutional institutions, Dhankhar stressed that “We must not look at constitutional functionaries with a political prism, only to score brownie political points. That is not acceptable.”

    Addressing a gathering of students, staff and faculty of Nalanda University in Bihar, the Vice President said that in the field of education, the world has not seen a more potent and powerful brand. “Nalanda, because its history and Legacy stands out in the world and people will only salute. You have to take this legacy to a higher level.”
    Noting that the reincarnation of Nalanda will give us a global foothold to disseminate knowledge, he praised the use of Nalanda Mahavihara's image in the backdrop of the recently concluded G20 summit. “In that backdrop of Nalanda, the leaders were received and greeted that speaks volumes of your brand, acceptability of your brand, non-controversial, non-confrontational, collaborative, cooperative, consensual and that is conducive to growth,” he added.

    Describing education as the most impactful and transformational mechanism, Shri Dankhar said that “if the world has to be changed, if the society has to progress, if inequities are to be levelled and if justice is to reach the last in the line, knowledge alone can do it.”
    Fortunately boys and girls there is an emergence of an ecosystem system now in Bharat that allows you to fully utilise your energy, exploit your talent and potential, and realise your aspirations and dreams. There are no handicaps now.
    Noting that a decade ago, India was included in the Fragile Five economies, the Vice President said that our journey from "from 'Fragile Five' to the world's 5th largest economy is no small achievement.” He expressed confidence that by the turn of the decade, Bharat will be the third-largest economy in the world.
    Observing that the world thrives on good virtues of wisdom, sublimity, tolerance and listening to other points of view, he underlined the need to have respect for others’ points of view. “Don't be judgmental about it. In my experience, sometimes the other point of view is the correct one,” he added.
    Recognizing that education leads to respect for other humankind, the Vice President stated “It enlarges your horizon that you don't think in terms of village, state or a nation... you think globally!” He also advised students to be inquisitive and never stop learning, even after leaving Nalanda.
    Calling the youth as ‘the foot soldiers of democracy’, he cautioned them about the sinister narratives set afloat on social media to malign the image of the country and asked them to speak their minds on such issues. “It is your intelligence that has to neutralize such a narrative, it is your obligation to this society that you must be proactive to nip in the bud such sinister ideas and narratives,” he emphasised.
    On this occasion, the Vice President also praised the Nalanda University campus for being a net zero energy, net zero emission and net zero waste campus, the first of its kind in India.